Attendee demographics for Best of ASCO San Diego will be available in late August.

2018 Best of ASCO Washington, DC Attendee Demographics

2018 Best of ASCO Chicago Attendee Demographics

2018 Best of ASCO San Francisco Attendee Demographics

Registration Numbers                                                                        

  • Total—550
  • Professionals—400
  • Exhibitors—125
  • Spouse, Guest, Media—29
  • Domestic Attendees—89%
  • International Attendees—11%         

Top Two Countries

  • United States—355
  • Philippines—20
  • 12 Other Countries—25

Primary Professional Role

Attendees were allowed to choose only one answer.

Responded— 400 (100%)

Primary Professional Role Percentage of Attendees who Responded
Medical Oncologist 34%
Physician 11%
Hematologic Oncologist 10%
Medical Science Liaison 7%
Clinical Oncologist 7%
Pharmacist 6%
Other 25%

Board Certification or International Equivalent

Some attendees chose more than one response, therefore the total number of responses is greater than the total number of attendees who responded.

Responded—364 (91%)

No Response—36 (9%)


Board Certification or International Equivalent Percentages of Attendees who Responded 
Medical Oncology 50%
Hematology 34%
Internal Medicine 34%
Gynecologic Oncology 3%
Hospice and Palliative Medicine 2%
Not Applicable 30%
Other 1%